Holiday Deadline: 12/1/2021

Our current processing time is 14 to 18 business days 

1. Do you ship internationally? 

yes we ship worldwide and shipping rates are automatically calculated at checkout based on weight. 


2. I got an air plant, how do I care for it ?

They have been traveling for a few days so please spritz them with water or give them a water bath. You will need to water your air plants once a week in order to keep them healthy. Please remove them from the planter before watering. You can water two ways. 

1. lay them on a towel and spritz them with water with a spray bottle. Allow them to dry on the towel for at least 2 hours before putting back in your planter 

2. Place the air plants in a bowl of room temperature water for 10 mins. Remove from the water and allow to dry on a towel for 4+ hours (once the plant is dry). You then return the plant to the planter 

Air plants do not need soil. You place them directly in your planter as they are. Do not place in direct sunlight as they will easily dry out and die. 


3. Can I send my order as a gift?

Yes you can! ALL orders are shipped without packing slips as we try to minimize the waste that goes into the world, and let's be honest 99% of you throw them away. If you would like a gift note attached - please add it to the note section. You can find this in your cart, NOT AT CHECKOUT. So click the cart icon prior to checking out to add your note. If you do forget to do this, please respond to your order confirmation email immediately with the message you would like included.