Val's Perfumery - Bella Vita Candle

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Val's Perfumery launches a limited edition small votive candle each sunday for the months of May + June. Owner Val is headed back to school! She is working towards completing courses in perfumery in order to broaden her knowledge of fragrances, botanicals and ingredients in order to create fine fragrances for our candle line. She will be using her knowledge she learns to create her own fragrances from botanicals, essential oils and other natural ingredients. These candles will be the very first of her perfumery work!

Bella Vita Candle 

Aroma - the delicate apricot is the core of this fragrance with its fresh, sweet inviting aroma. Softened by the earthiness of white tea leaves and lush jasmine florals. A light scent of vanilla dances between the notes and pulls it all together. 

Color + Stone - very light pink/tan color with fine crushed colorful tourmaline pieces. Edged in 22k gold leaf. 

Size - 2oz candle,  2.05” (w) x 1.75” (h)

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