PREORDER Forest Green Hexagon Bud Vase

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Pre Orders take up to 8 weeks to complete from time of order. 

Our bud vase / propagation station has arrived! This contemporary design comes in a hexagonal shape and one of the sides has been turned into n epic geode. Our signature geode look is inspired by genuine geodes and we mimic the embedded look they naturally have. We crack the side and then carefully hand place genuine raw minerals to create a contemporary, earthy geode effect. We then top this design off with a high grade natural quartz cluster to make our design 3 dimensional when it comes to the crystal aspect. Our last step is edging the geode area with liquid leaf to create a mirror edge to maximize the reflections that the crystals give off. This vase is contemporary functional art for every day living and sure to be the show stopper in your home when it comes to decor!

7.8” (w) x 6.6” (h)

• raw high quality aquamarine from Brazil with a Quartz point
• Forest green concrete color
• edged in liquid gold leaf

* This bud vase / propagation station will come with one clear glass test tube & a random assortment of dried florals 

Our concrete embodies the rawness of the minerals it’s paired with. We embrace the imperfections like pores and shading. Each planter will have its own unique marks & imperfections while maintaining a smooth finish. Our work embodies the Japanese theory of wabi-sabi , finding beauty in the imperfections. Please understand each design will come with its own unique design of imperfections while maintaining a sturdy and solid structure

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