Mystery Tealight Holder

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You will receive ONE tea light holder. This tea light holder can be light, dark or any of our specialty colors and will contain a raw mineral such as blue apatite, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline, rose quartz, carnelian, peridot and many other stone options. 

You can get one of a kind designs or designs not even realized yet! 

Please note that this item is not eligible for returns or exchanges unless there is damage. 

This tea light holder is made from hand poured and sculpted cement. We use a hollow breakage in the design to create a geode from raw natural stones. Each geode shape and size will slightly vary from holder to holder. We edge the geode area in liquid gold to create a stunning look. You will receive one white & unscented tea light candle with your order.

Outside- 2.25" (w) x 1.15” (h)
*fits a small tea light candle

• raw minerals from around the globe
• chance of any concrete color
• there is a divot in the design where the tea light sits

Our concrete embodies the rawness of the minerals it’s paired with. We embrace the imperfections like pores and shading. Each planter will have its own unique marks & imperfections while maintaining a smooth finish. Our work embodies the Japanese theory of wabi-sabi , finding beauty in the imperfections. Please understand each design will come with its own unique design of imperfections while maintaining a sturdy and solid structure

*you will receive a holder similar to that in the photos. Size of geode and shading of stones may vary slightly

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