Sniff This Candle Set

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A rounded sample of our geode candles that give you a sample of three different aromas. Each candle give you a 2oz sample of fine fragrances created just for our company.

Each candle features a natural wooden wick and organic wax & a natural wooden wick to ensure a clean burning candles. All of our candles are phthalate free, cruelty free, paraben free & vegan!  

You have the option of having a quality wood gift box included with your order 

D e t a i l s

Nordic lavender (blue cement with blue calcite) - a refreshing cool breeze in a lavender field. The sent was meant to be a relaxing aroma. Notes of lavender, cedar, eucalyptus and mint leaves

Not Ur Grandmas Apple Pie (red cement with tourmaline)- This really isn’t your grandma’s apple pie. In this elevated fragrance, we took a new approach on an American classic. Notes of apple, cider, vanilla, musk and a splash of sriracha for a little heat.

Cedré Amber (green cement with green calcite)- an elevated woodsy aroma with rich aromas. Notes of amber, cedar, teakwood, palo santo, and moss.

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