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 a vibrant pink design with had drawn boobs of various sizes, shapes and representations in gilded 22k gold leaf. Each candle features a lovely wooden wick to create a beautiful ambiance in your living space. 


S I Z E 

Mini | 4 oz Candle

2.75” x 2”

Small | 6 oz candles 
Outside- 4” (w) x 2.5” (h)
Inside- 3” (w) x 2” (h)

Large | 9 oz candles 

Outside- 4.75” (w) x 2.5” (h)
Inside- 3.75” (w) x 2” (h)


M A T E R I A L 


This medium is  an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster and concrete This material are water based making them kinder to the environment. It uses ingredients which are sourced through local supply chains to keep CO2 emissions and carbon footprint to a minimum.



 Petal 31 - a modern floral blend alternating feminine and masculine notes to create a sultry aroma. Modern garden rose notes run throughout this aroma and are met with the warm blend of woodsy & spice with notes of cedar, teakwood, clove & ginger. In the background light notes of amber and musk give this fragrance a sense of floral mystery.


Mossy Citrus - a complex and balanced earthy aroma that beautifully blends notes of moss, musk, cedar and amber. This aroma is then enhanced and softened with notes of vanilla, lavender, and mandarin.


Vanilla Kush - Earthy notes of cannabis flower, vetiver and sage are mingled together to create a wonderful aromatic aroma which dances between sweet notes of vanilla, coconut and cocoa butter to create a perfect marriage of earthy and sweet. Subtle notes of musk and cedar pull this fragrance together. 

Mocha Dulce -   sweet decadent aroma of white chocolate, vanilla bean, & brown sugar are met with hints of vermouth & buttermilk with slight notes of nutmeg and cinnamon to create a delicious memory of sweet pastries & spiced cocktails

*since all candles are hand drawn, there will be some variation on the boobs drawn but each candle will feature at least 6 different boobs. 

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